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Store Policy

Customer Care

In order to improve our customer care service we have imputed a convenient customer chat=box to our website where you can talk with a live associate if you have any questions.​

You can also reach us by phone at (804) 779-5520

Privacy & Safety

You can rest assured you shared information does not leave our website database for no reason.​

We understand your personal information is yours and is to be shared with no one.

Data privacy laws are increasingly in use around the globe. We comply with all the laws that are designed to protect the rights of citizens and consumers in an online world. 

Wholesale Inquiries

You may buy physical books in bulk. The discounted prices vary according to how many books are purchased. To get your quote, call us directly at (804) 779-5520

Payment Method
Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards


Offline Payments

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