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ILLUMINATI BIBLE: Hidden Wisdom of Alpha & Omega

Read today what your friends will be reading tomorrow…. because you’ll tell them about it!

Track the secrets found in the Christian Bible with a book that is full of cross-references as well as Hebrew and Greek breakdowns. Locate the encrypted messages of the Christian Bible with easy to follow footnotes. Find out who the ancient Hebrew’s really were, what the Tree of Life really represented, and why the Tree of Knowledge bore forbidden fruit.

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This excellent work by Michael Cage also takes the reader step by step through the history of religion, showing when, where, and why the three Abrahamic religions were created.

Look into the mind of the Illuminati and explore their esoteric doctrine and plans of world dominance through a New World Order.

Follow the sacred bloodline as it ruled in history and reigns today through the Royal Crown of the British Monarch and the Committee of Three Hundred.

The Illuminati Bible; now the secrets can be revealed.




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