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BLOG: What is the Melchizedek Order | Illuminati Bible

Inserts from Michael Cage's ILLUMINATI BIBLE


Esoteric philosophy says the “Melchizedek Order,” or as the Christian Bible puts it, the “Order of Melchizedek” is a space confederation and the oldest secret society the world has ever known. As we shall see with the unfolding of this section of ILLUMINATI BIBLE; esoteric philosophy places the Melchizedek Order as the ones who came to this planet in the Genesis account and rebuilt the world by fashioning it with organic biological life.

The purpose of the Melchizedek Order (Elohim: the gods) coming to earth, according to the Illumine was to establish a new experimental zone of creation where Consciousness could be synthesized into a universal body type. Thus, the Order came to earth to introduce a planetary pregnancy and a new type of avatar body: the human body.


Concerning Elohim: the gods of Genesis (i.e. the Melchizedek Order) and their bringing life to this planet, because of its position in our solar system and galaxy; planet earth was considered a suitable living space planetarium that could produce a universal humanoid able to overcome all polarities and the diversity of climatic zones. Therefore, the gods of Genesis task was to prepare this planet’s surface for the development of higher forms of biological life that would house Consciousness. The Illumine informs, many extraterrestrials from other star systems contributed their genetic materials to this biological genesis project.

According to the Illumine, before the fashioning of the first human avatar body type; there was a great diversity of non-human species taking part in the development of Consciousness. During this time, hundreds of thousands of years was needed, as well as thousands of different avatar body types to produce the completion of Consciousness: i.e. an entity walking in and exhibiting the light of Yechida, which is Godhead. For discussion on Yechida: the Godhead (i.e. the completion of Conscious development, See Chapter 11 of this book under, “We are Consciousness.”

One of the major problems with the non-human avatar body types was this: during Consciousness development stages (which occur through the dynamics of the body/soul program) the non-human avatar body types were so hugely diverse, Consciousness had tremendous difficulties growing accustom to new body forms. Therefore, the CREATOR (not the gods of Genesis, but the CREATOR of Consciousness) brought forth the “light” (i.e. the knowledge and wisdom) of creating a new zone of creation with a new universal avatar body type format. The layout plans for this new body type format is seen in the Egyptian’s “Life Key” called the “Ankh.”

As I mentioned above in so many words, what Elohim: the gods (the Melchizedek Order) was bringing to earth was a new type of avatar, and the layout plans for it is seen in the Egyptian’s “Life Key.”

The Ankh

Above: an image of the Egyptian Key of Life (the Ankh) shown with its four facets describing the four fundamental facets of the human life: body, soul, spirit and subconscious. Each facet plays a major role in the development of the Conscious Observer.

The Egyptian’s Life Key (or Ankh) bares four parts; and all forms of animal life on earth, including humans, arise with this same pattern. For more discussion on the correlation between the Egyptian Life Key and the human avatar body format, see Chapter 11 of this book under “We are Consciousness.”


Note: the reason for Illuminati’s obsession and secret adoration towards ancient Egypt is because; all of the secret mysteries of life and universe are held there. And it is through the ancient wisdom of these mysteries that the Illumine govern societies.

It is said in esoteric philosophy that the MelchizedekOrder have been governing world affairs since the inception of intelligent life on earth. It is also said, the Melchizedek Order is the only Order the Illuminati gives allegiance too.

There are two facets to the Order: a priestly side followed by Illuminari (the holders of the moon doctrine), and a scientific side followed by Illuminati (the holders of the sun doctrine). Thus, the Order is also often referred to as the “Brotherhood of the Snake/Dragon.” The “Snake” being the symbol of “knowledge” represents the scientific side of the Order, whereas the “Dragon” being the symbol of “wisdom” represents the priestly side of the Order.

Today the scientific side of the Order, under the name, the “Brotherhood of the Snake” is followed by the Illumine. The Illuminati consider themselves mediators between the Brotherhood of the Snake and the kings and rulers of mankind on earth. Therefore, the Illuminati are the secret party (or secret hand) that has the task to prepare the political, philosophical, religious and cultural groundwork for the establishment of the next Age to come, which is the Age of Aquarius. This Age and what it will bring will be discussed in Chapter 9 under, “Signs in the Sky.”

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