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BLOG: Who are God's Chosen People? Israeli Palestinian Conflicts

Palestine/Israel - The Fight Continues - God's Chosen People

Why are these two groups (Jews and Palestinians) still beefing going into the year, 2024? This grudge over who are truly God's chosen people has been going on for on some seven decades.

Well, the foundation of their grudge comes from the first book of the Bible: the book of Genesis.

It is taught in this 3,000 year old book that a man named Abraham fathered two sons: Ishmael and Isaac, the supposed fathers of the Palestinians people, and the Jewish people.

According to the Bible's book of Genesis, God made promises to this Abraham; one promise being, the land we today call Palestine/Israel. Yes, this land, according to the book, was promised by God to Abraham, to be give to his son. But the question left on the table is, which son: the Ishmael and his descendants the Palestinians, or Isaac and his descendants the Jews?

In reference to the Abrahamic story found in the Genesis account of the Bible, the Encyclopedia of Britannica states:

“....because God called him [i.e. Abraham or Abram] to found a new nation in an undesignated land that he later learned was Canaan. He obeyed unquestioningly the commands of God, from whom he received repeated promises and a covenant that his “seed” [“child”] would inherit the land. In Judaism the promised offspring is understood to be Abraham’s son, Isaac, born of his wife Sarah…. In Islam it is Ishmael, Abraham’s firstborn son, born of Hagar, who is viewed as the fulfillment of God’s promise, and the Prophet Muhammad is his descendant.”

Abraham” Encyclopedia of Britannica

Note: Christians have put their dibs in for this land over the centuries; claiming sect as God's chosen people through the Christ About a 1,000 years after the compiling of the Genesis account, the Christians begun teaching in their scriptures: it is not Isaac, nor Ishmael who is the promised seed of Abraham, but rather, it is Jesus the Christ who is the promised seed of Abraham. Concerning this matter, the Bible’s New Testament Pauline epistle to the Galatians states:

“Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ.”

Galatians 3:16 KJV

Yes, according to Christian doctrine, the land was promised to Abraham and a seed that would come many years after Abraham, that being Jesus the Christ. Christian are taught, they are Jesus' adopted brothers and sister, adopted into the familly of Jesus by God, making them the truly God's chosen people.

Thus, Christian don't have to fight this physical war over the land because; once Jesus come back during their "Rapture," afterwards, he will claim the land and show the nations of the earth who's the King of Kings. In today's terms, the Big Boss!


The three Great Faiths of today each claim their religion contains the truth about Abraham’s seed, a child born in whom, according to these three faiths is the heir to God’s promise: which is the land of Palestine/Israel: Isaac through Judaism, Ishmael through Islam and Jesus through Christianity.

Do you think it not strange that the three great religions of the world share the same source (Abraham) as their central character of faith? Would you say; this is a coincident? Or would you say this is by design?

Through the biblical character Abraham; three great religions have lifted their heads in our world: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And it is through these three religions that the world, especially the Middle East, has never seen so much blood spilled.

Concerning the biblical character Abraham, the Encyclopedia of Britannica continues by stating a critical problem concerning a biography of Abraham:

“There can be no biography of Abraham in the ordinary sense. The most that can be done is to apply the interpretation of modern historical finds to biblical materials so as to arrive at a probable judgment as to the background and patterns of events in his life…. It was assumed, based on a presumed dating of hypothetical biblical sources, that the patriarchal narratives in the Bible were only a projection of the situation and concerns of a much later period (9th to 5 th century BCE) and of dubious historical value.”

Abraham”, Encyclopedia of Britannica

In a nutshell, there is no real evidence that the biblical character Abraham (the father of the biblical Hebrews and the father of the three great faiths of today) really existed. Nothing etched in stone or clay tablets solidify he lived. Although archeological excavations do find an Israeli culture that existed after 900 BCE; it is sort of incredible that if Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (the stamped patriarchs of the Israeli culture) did exist; nothing is stated about them in the findings. The only evidence ever found concerning these “patriarchs”) is documents from the Torah and other religious books that are aligned with the Torah.


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