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BLACK JEW WHITE JEW: Who Are The Hebrews?

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Why are there so many people worldwide claiming to be Jews? Many of the claims to Jew-ship is due to a lack of knowledge concerning who the Jews really are and what constitutes being a Jew.

BLACK JEW WHITE JEW: Who are the Hebrews takes its reader to the beginning history of the Hebrew people; a starting point in history that did not originate with the biblical characters Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as is taught by the three Great Faiths of today.

But on the contrary, author Michael Cage explore the true roots to it all, which began in the ancient Middle East, ca. 2500 BCE with the first “Sacred Bloodline” doctrine. It is from this ancient “Sacred Bloodline” doctrine that today’s three Great Faiths draw their narrative.

Learn about the first “Sacred Bloodline” doctrine (i.e., the teachings of the ancient Sumerians, from whence the bloodline doctrine originates)

Learn about the different exiles of the Israelites, and how the Legend of the Ten Lost Tribes was born.

With this book you will find out everything you will ever want and need to know about accurate history concerning the Hebrews, Israelites, and Jews; along with the misleading false history taught to the masses over the centuries.

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