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Facing the Storms of Life with Him






Section 1: Understanding Trials


CHAPTER 1: The True Us

  1. Conditions of the Heart

  2. The Trial of Display

  3. Closed Heart Surgery


CHAPTER 2: The Three Diamonds of God 

  1. A Call to Maturity

  2. The 1st Diamond (Endurance)

  3. The 2nd and 3rd Diamonds (Experience & Hope)


CHAPTER 3: Up the Latter of Life  

  1. The Trial of Abraham

  2. Higher Callings


Section 2: Using Wisdom in Trials

CHAPTER 4: Praying for Wisdom 

  1. Ask for Wisdom

  2. Trials of Consequence


CHAPTER 5: In the Mind of God 

  1. The Foolishness of God’s Wisdom

  2. No Doubting


CHAPTER 6: Having Peace in Trials  

  1. Four Steps to the Peace of God

  2. Peace and our Need of It


Section 3: Having Knowledge of Trials

CHAPTER 7: Trial of Obedience  

  1. What is a Trial?

  2. What if Adam had passed the Test?

  3. Three Doorways to Sin


CHAPTER 8: Sin No More  

  1. The Four Ds that Lead to Sin

  2. Sin in a Nutshell






In life there are events that unfold that are felt as either good or bad. When these events are taken in as bad; we deem them the Trials of life. And when we feel something bad has unfolded in our lives; the average believer begins to pray. We begin to pray that God would change the situation by taking away or preventing the bad event from occurring. In a nutshell, we ask, “Lord, Make it good.” The prayer is that Christ, who is all knowing and all good, should change this particular program of reality that our lives may remain the same (comfortable). In some cases we even offer up promises of doing right in return that our lives go back to normal. The prayer we offer, in affect says,   God should serve me. But this is not true prayer my friend. It is a kind of bribery.

When praying in such a way; the person never finds out why the trial happened, (i.e. what are God’s intentions in allowing the event to occur?) Therefore, nothing really changes with the person. It was A.W. Tozer who once stated:


“The reason why many are still troubled… is because they haven’t yet come to the end of themselves. We’re still trying to give orders, and interfering with God’s work within us.”


Let the reader understand all actions from our Lord Christ Jesus are always and only good. Therefore, the trials God allow in a person’s life are also always good. “And we know that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). The problem is the person doesn’t feel it this way. But obviously the problem is with the person, not God.

Is it possible that a person can take what we term, a trial of life, and have good feelings towards the “horrific event?”

In biblical times, Jesus’ brother James, the pastor of the church in Jerusalem must have obtained delight in trials when he wrote in his General Epistle, “Count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptation [trials]” (James 1:2).

The apostle Paul must have also obtained when he stated in his epistle to the Romans, “We glory [boast] in tribulations….” (Romans 5:3)

Therefore, from the Bible we gather that it is very possible to obtain delight within the Trials of Life.

But what if the Christian man or woman isn’t there yet? What I mean is, what if they are not as mature in Christ as, let’s say, the apostle Paul, or the pastor James was. In this case, what appeal can a person possibly make to the Lord in prayer? I believe a good prayer would be,


“Lord, change me so I can feel the trial as good that I can see the loving lesson You have for me in this situation.” 


The unbeliever would have to have their entire inner nature replaced by the nature of the Holy Spirit to sense the loving nature God has in allowing the trials of life. But on the other hand, the believer only need to enhance his/her relationship, i.e. grow closer to the Creator through the Creator’s Holy Spirit, which was given to him/her for the purpose of “regeneration” (growth).

Little do you know, this is the reason why any quote, unquote, “bad event” is allowed to enter the believer’s life; so that he/she can continue to develop a true need to rise to the level of the Christ’ attitude.    

Note: When you pray the prayer mentioned above: “Lord, change me so I can feel the trial as good, that I can see the loving lesson You have for me in this situation;”  that prayer is answered immediately. And your insight is changed because; you begin to live in, and perceive a very different outlook on trials as you grow closer to the Holy Spirit in Christ.



This Bible based book, “Under His Umbrella” will teach the reader how to observe the trials of life for what they really are: Awesome Blessings! But experiencing the storms we go through in life as beautiful bliss experiences can only be achieved through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. For it is through the power of the Holy Ghost that the peace of God, which passes all understanding, keeps the believer in a Christ state of mind during trials.

Also, perceiving the trials and tribulations we go through in life as good requires three fundamentals views on trials:

  1. A view from a knowledge perspective

  • Knowledge, taken from the Greek word “Gnosis” means “to know in the form of information.” It refers to the factual, the observable.”


  1. A view from a wisdom perspective.

  • Wisdom comes from the Greek word “Sophia” and is defined as “applied knowledge (i.e. know-how).” Example: 1+1=2. To obtain this information is to obtain knowledge of mathematics. To apply this information, 1+1=2, in let’s say, carpentry, takes wisdom.


  1. A view from an understanding perspective.

  • Understanding comes from the Greek word “sumiemi,” and is literally defined as “to put together.” The word “understanding” comes from the idea of “standing under a bridge and seeing what holds the bridge together.”


Viewing trials from these three facets are like having three keys that will open your perception of trials from every aspect, thus, giving you complete oversight concerning the storms of life.

This book is broken down into three sections of learning about trials with the three facets mentioned above in mind. My hope and prayer is to give the reader what God’s Word has given me: i.e. great and wonderful oversight of the trials we go through in life.

Not many things have been more of a blessing to me than having this awesome oversight of the trials we go through in life. Now digested in this book, I give to you. Enjoy my Christian brothers and sisters.