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Who Are The Hebrews

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In 2022 it is no secret that the history of the Jews and their “holy” books given to the western world over the centuries is a fabrication of the truth.

In a nutshell, the Jewish history is a pack of lies about events that never happened; told by people who weren't there.”

In this book BLACK JEW WHITE JEW: Who are the Hebrews; you will find out everything you will ever want and need to know about accurate history concerning the Hebrews, Jews, and Israelites, along with the misleading false history taught to the masses over the centuries.

This book, BLACK JEW WHITE JEW will first take the reader to the beginning history of the Hebrews; a starting point in history that did not originate with the biblical characters Abraham (Abram), Isaac, and Jacob, as is taught by the three Great Faiths of today (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).

But on the contrary, this book will explore the true roots to it all, which began in the ancient Middle East, ca. 2500 BCE with the first “Sacred Bloodline” doctrine. It is from this ancient “Sacred Bloodline” doctrine that today’s three Great Faiths draw their narrative.

Therefore, in our exploration, this book will touch on many historical topics and events, such as,


  • The first “Sacred Bloodline” doctrine (i.e., the teachings of the ancient Sumerians, from whence the “Sacred bloodline” doctrine originates)

  • The rise of ancient Babylon and the mighty Hyksos kings

  • The takeover of ancient Egypt

  • The biblical and secular history of the ancient Hebrews

  • The Hebrew’s invention of the original Hebrew Torah (i.e., the first two books of the Christian’s Bible)

  • The Jews invention of the Jewish Bible (i.e., the Christian Bible’s Old Testament)


Once we’re standing on an accurate historical foundation, this book will then follow the Hebrew Bloodline to see where this Bloodline’s seat of power has ruled in history, and where it resides today.

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